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Identification and placement of a full service EMS and production partner for 'Chris'

German Autolabs


German Autolabs is a technology company specializing in voice assistance. Their solutions augment the daily workflows of professional drivers and logistics teams. Deployed as driver apps and in scanners or vehicles, their assistants increase efficiency and provide a better quality of service.

German Autolabs reached out to BatchOne for assistance in manufacturing their initial product, Chris, the world's first in-car voice assistant. As an initial step, BatchOne helped German Autolabs identify the requirements and most important criteria for the full-service EMS selection, and the preparation of the request for quote documents (RFQ). Based on these requirements, BatchOne identified potential candidates in Europe and Asia and prepared a shortlist. Next, BatchOne presented top candidates to German Autolabs and introduced the preferred candidates, after which one partner became the top choice.

What we worked on


  • Definition of Manufacturing Partner Selection Criteria
  • Identification of Potential Manufacturing Partners
  • Evaluation of Potential Manufacturing Partners

Who was working on the project

Richi Richi
Niclas Niclas
German Autolabs
German Autolabs
German Autolabs
German Autolabs

After our initial manufacturing partner ditched us weeks before we wanted to start manufacturing, we asked BatchOne for help. Thanks to their competent support, a partner was found who ended up manufacturing Chris within weeks.

Patrick Weissert | German Autolabs, COO & Founder

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