Niclas Fritz, Managing Director

Niclas has been fascinated with entrepreneurship and technology for all of his life. He started his career in the innovation department of T-Systems MMS where he helped co-found the DTAG spin-off Couchfunk. Later he became an Associate Partner at PULSAR Consulting where he focused on Innovation Management, M&A, Corporate Venturing and Fundraising.

After supporting, TechFounders and organizing his own Events for Hardware Startups, he founded BatchOne out of his desire to support founders to bridge the gap from first prototype to mass production.

Dimmerling 066.NEF.p_DxO.jpg

Heiko Dimmerling, Managing Director

Heiko has over 20 years of experience in investing, scaling and supporting portfolio companies on an international level. He was Partner at the Private Equity Fund Triton since 2000 with 7 sponsored funds totaling EUR 9 billion under management and co-founded a few years later West Park Management to offer hands-on technical and operational support for Triton’s investments.

Experiencing the support gap for hardware startups as a Business Angel himself, it was obvious for him to join BatchOne as co-founder in 2016 to leverage his experience and network to help hardware startups scale.




Ferkaran de la Jara,

Industrial Design & User Experience

With more than 15 years of experience, Ferkaran has worked for a diversity of industries spanning consumer electronics and products, automotive, home automation, industrial, lifestyle as well as the medical and music sectors. His work has earned him over 15 international design awards.

Ferkaran, founder of the Munich based product strategy and design studio Phosphor, has worked in Europe and Asia as an independent design consultant for several start-ups, world renowned design agencies and global corporations such as Asus, Biotronik, BMW, Dell, Deutsche Telekom, Fujitsu-Siemens, Heineken, Huawei Technologies, LG, Moog, Munich Airport, Native Instruments, Siemens, Wella, etc.

mike webseite.png

Michael Hering,

Engineering, Tooling & Production

Mike started to work as a freelancing mechanical engineer already during his studies over 25 years ago. Being one of the first freelancers in Germany to use CAD programs, he has solved many complex construction, tooling and manufacturing problems for renowned companies and startups alike.

One of his core strengths are the development of genius mechanical solutions, rapid prototypes as well as matching injection molding tool design and manufacturing support during ramp up. In his career, he was often asked for help from high-tech companies such as Airbus, Gore, Huawei, Jenoptik, Toptica Photonics and Zeiss.


Barbara Riedmann,

Industrial Design & CMF

Barbara, an industrial & CMF designer herself, co-founded Phosphor after working independently for world leading design agencies such as Designit and Designaffairs, serving clients like Samsung, LG and Bosch.

Over the years Barbara has gained extensive experience and knowledge working on CMF (Color, Material & Finish) projects as well as Trend Forecasts for various corporations.

She has received several international design awards including iF Design Awards, Rat für Formgebung nominations and Red Dot Awards.


Mark Rinehart,

QM, Factory Auditing & Production Ramp Up in China

Mark, a veteran of business operations within China, founded White Horse in March of 2004. Mark began his career in electronics with an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, where he ran operations, training, and team building. One of his primary focuses was on quality, where he trained emphatically on IPC/JEDEC standards, operational process and quality controls, and efficiencies.

Today he focuses on identifying counterfeit electronics and helping companies to ramp up production processes in China with factory audits, pre-shipment inspections, production monitoring and logistics.


Miles Mace,

Embedded Systems & Project Management

With a foundation of more than 14 years industry experience in Telecommunications and Semiconductors, Miles brings a wide skillset to the table which help him deliver complex software and hardware solutions. Leveraging his strong technical background and many years in project management (Agile or Waterfall), he employs a hands on approach to place himself in the customer's shoes to deliver projects and solutions on time.

Miles loves to work hands-on with hardware teams in eliciting and distilling product requirements and building up development processes. He has worked for Motorola, Infineon, Intel, BLOKS and eGym.


Dennis Crosby,

Embedded Systems & Product Management

During more than 10 year of working experience in complex software and electrical systems, Dennis was able to bring various projects in automotive as well outdoor consumer market to live. With his strong technical background and experience in the product management, he is able to build the bridge between the two worlds.

In the resent years he worked in the e-mobility sector and was taking a major role in defining product specifications and building up development processes and international teams.

Dennis has worked for Brose, Elektrobit, Qualcomm and Bloks.

Roy 2.png

Roy Rudrava,

Hardware-Software Integration Specialist

Roy has 15 years of industry experience in factory automation and consumer electronics and holds published patents in both industries. He comes from an academic research background where he worked with a very diverse set of researchers from linguists to astrophysicists to psychologist. He brings the discipline of scientific research to product development. On the software end, he has written code at all level from 8 bit assembly language on 8051 chips to Machine Learning models running on GPUs.

His most successful product, the Dish Tailgater, has been a CES Innovation award honoree twice. Rudrava has spent 10 years working in the US and moved to Munich 3 years ago. His last stint was in BLOKS as a Product Owner for embedded systems and a parallel responsibility of requirements engineering lead.


Sebastian Wildfeuer,

Product & Project Manager

Sebastian has always had a keen interest in technology. With more than 8 years of experience as a project and product manager, he has driven a broad spectrum of development projects ranging from embedded systems over hardware products to web-based online systems.

After his start of career with a consultancy & service provider, he co-founded vSens, a satellite-based irrigation advisor for agriculture.

Later, he joined BLOKS, a Munich based hard & software company as a product and program manager. Here he helped drive the development of multiple products and establish product development and innovation processes.




Diana Seidl,

Startup Recruiting & HR Services

After starting her career as a foreign language correspondent for Spanish, Diana became a recruiter, falling in love with this job ever since. She has worked as a recruiter for companies such as Michael Bailey Associates, Huntress Group and SapientRazorfish and won an award for the Best New Resourcer in 2013.

Diana is specialized in identifying software developers and engineers for challenging projects in no time. Unconventional scouting techniques combined with her outgoing personality and recruiting experience make her an ideal partner for startups to help them scale their teams and implement lean HR processes.


Stephen Griffiths,

Business Development & Finance

With more than 40 years of experience, Stephen is a highly experienced Senior General Manager who performed CFO functions at Azego, Ingram Micro, Rebound Electronics and Sharp, often being responsible for acquiring competitors and leading change management processes.

He has numerous experiences of starting up companies globally across Asia and Europe encompassing sales, marketing, business development, distribution, financial reporting and IT to achieve USD multi-million growth. Likewise, Stephen has a high-level negotiation capability on major, complex and time-consuming contracts.


Martin Stein,

Branding & Corporate Design

With more than 12 years of experience, Martin developed numerous corporate identities and branding strategies for clients from the telecommunication, banking, insurance and automotive sectors as well as several startups. His work has earned him IF and red dot design awards.

After spending several years in Switzerland at a graphic design studios he returned back to Munich where he worked for other branding agencies till he opened his own studio. He loves to develop identities for new brands and companies from scratch including names, logos, color pallets, font selections along stationary and websites.


Birgit Zacher,

Executive Coaching & Communication Training

Birgit studied performing arts in Stuttgart, Germany, followed by theater engagements in Koblenz, Bochum, Neuss (all Germany) and in Switzerland. She successfully performed in TV productions and dubbing under her artist’s name Birgit Salkin.

Since 2007, Birgit works as a personal, media and corporate trainer and coach. Her focus is on personal performance and development, striving to improve soft factors, body language, charisma, rhetorical and communication skills. Her clients range from C-Level executives of SMEs and blue chips (DAX), consulting companies, entrepreneurs, to welfare organizations. Furthermore, Birgit is an active speaker on business networking and business women challenges.