At BatchOne we love to work with high tech startups that are disrupting the agriculture, clean tech, logistics, manufacturing, medtech or mobility industries.

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Agrilution develops, produces and distributes a fully automated kitchen device that can grow a wide variety of nutritious vegetables and herbs – without soil and independent from environmental influences.

The small scale multi-layered device is based on Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) technology and reduces the water consumption by up to 98% and the fertiliser consumption by up to 60% compared to traditional agriculture. 

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evalu is building intelligent training software & hardware to enable athletes to exercise in a healthy and professional way.

Running requires a highly personalized training to be a healthy sport. evalu uses high-tech textile sensors to precisely determine the skills and weaknesses of runners and uses machine learning algorithms to provide a human like coaching experience.



With HelloChris, German Autolabs is building the world's first digital assistant for drivers. The Berlin-based startup utilizes the latest voice and gesture control technology, alongside artificial intelligence.

The combination of an interoperable, scalable software platform for cognitive assistance with a retrofit hardware device democratizes the latest connected car technology - making it accessible to everyone.

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KEYOU now brings the H2-engine to a new level by creating an innovative new concept that combines efficient injection, exhaust gas recirculation and turbo-charging with a proprietary H2-selective catalytic reduction system to eliminate any trace of NOx.

The result is a powerful zero-emission internal combustion engine (ICE) specifically addressing the needs of large busses and trucks.

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Skinobi is a small and connected device to measure and track your skin condition. The app visualizes the progress towards your perfect skin condition, provides you with feedback and motivates you to improve your skin health on a daily basis. Browse different skin care products that match your skin type, get advice on treatments and profit from the insights of the community in order to find the perfect solution for you.

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rapitag is taking classical theft prevention technology and payment process in fashion retail to another level. Customers can simply hold their smartphones next to the attached apparel security tag, pay within the app and leave the store without ever waiting in a queue. Store owners benefit from increased security and advanced services.

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Using ultrasound sensors, Toposens developed a completely new method of localizing 3D positions and the exact detection of objects in 3D in real-time. The sensor system of Toposens generates new ways of looking at the world from a digital perspective to make our lives more intuitive and easier. Their goal is to revolutionize the interaction between man and machine and to integrate the 3D sensor technology in the daily lives of everyone.