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Having grown up with the 1990s' iconic water guns, Sebastian was shocked not to find any decent models anywhere when preparing for a rubber boat party in 2015. Disappointed about the state of the industry, he started working on his vision of a great water gun on nights and weekends. Later, he founded Spyra with Markus, Rike and Marius and eventually launched the most successful German Kickstarter campaign in 2018.

Being extremely strong at prototyping and inventing a valve and nozzle design that was innovative and later patented, the team needed support to develop a serial product and manufacture it at scale. To speed up development, BatchOne helped Spyra take its product specification and requirements documents to the next level to understand the complexity of the product development process and avoid common pitfalls. Likewise, BatchOne helped establish controlled development processes and supported general electronic and software development.

Furthermore, BatchOne provided general industrial design, electrical engineering, and software development advice by challenging various prototype generations to eliminate design flaws of the SpyraOne.

Last but not least, BatchOne provided advice on identifying the right supplier and manufacturing partners in Asia, eventually helping Spyra find the right partners by opening initial doors.

What we worked on


  • Definition of Use Cases and Product Features
  • System Architecture
  • Review of the Embedded Electronics
  • Structure Product Development Processes


  • How to find the right supplier and manufacturing partner in Asia

Who was working on the project

Sebastian Sebastian
Dennis Dennis

BatchOne was extremely helpful right from the start. Having a partner with a strong mindset on solving problems and a proven track record is invaluable for any early-stage hardware Start-Up. The people over at BatchOne will bring structure to what can often be a very messy and chaotic process and significantly reduce the risk for costly mistakes.

Sebastian Walter, CEO & Founder
German Autolabs
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