Create a dropshipping setup enabling US based FluentPet the sales and distribution of their products in Europe via their online store


FluentPet develops, sources, and distributes toys and educational devices for pets directly to consumers via their online store and various e-commerce storefronts. The company successfully launched in the US market and now wants to expand its activities to markets inside the European Union and other Europe-based countries, including the UK. Due to a lack of experience and staff members, the FluentPet team was looking for a partner to take care of the entire process and create a European ecosystem enabling the distribution of all necessary services and registrations.

BatchOne successfully supported FluentPet with the activities necessary to enable the selling of products into EU markets. As an initial step, BatchOne helped prepare critical RFI documents and identify, select, and contract the perfect third-party logistic (3PL) partner to manage international freight and distribution to different warehouse locations and return logistics and general handling. Next, BatchOne selected a team of tax advisors and lawyers and supported the legal framework's setup, including filling Tax ID, EORI number, and Intrastat. Related legal tasks included identifying the required certifications (CE, RoHS, etc.) and putting together various documents to comply with EU law.

Together with the 3PL, BatchOne optimized container load and SKU sizes and content while taking care of custom regulations (HS Code). In parallel, BatchOne took care of all local company registration and EU-wide waste management requirements to ensure a smooth process.

Last but not least, BatchOne helped define the EU product leaflet and set up the reporting structure for inventory control incl. KPIs, the data exchange structure (sales in, fulfillment out between the parties), and the contract and contracting process creation for all parties involved.

What we worked on


  • Third Party Logistics (3PL) Sourcing
  • Registrations (tax code and tax ID, EORI, Intrastat, WEEE, packing and battery waste registration)
  • SKU optimization to comply with EU customs regulations
  • HS code clarification with customs before import
  • Contracting of all involved parties (3PL, tax advisor, waste management, international forwarder, customs broker)
  • Certifications
  • Product leaflet definition
  • Data sales and distribution reporting structures

Who was working on the project

Achim Achim


SCM, Procurement & Processes, Sourcing & Outsourcing

With over 25 years of experience in the international electronics industry in functions ranging from development engineering, procurement, and head of sourcing teams to local site management,  Achim has the know-how to quickly capture areas needing attention and drive them towards resolution. 

Achim has access to a wide-ranging network of international partners and manufacturing teams for sourcing, design or as manufacturing partners. Driving sourcing and procurement for global companies, he is familiar with the challenges that the definition of value flow and logistics across the globe present to the manufacturing flow. Achim is forward-thinking and raises questions to address challenges before they occur.

Achim works in and supports startups from idea to factory-setup. He has driven process changes in large and small entities and, given his background in engineering, he understands the challenges on the path from idea to mass-production.

Previous experience

Thinfilm Electronics | Plastic Logic | Qimonda | Infineon

Based in Dresden
Achim Achim

"BatchOne's attention to detail and commitment to our project's success has been invaluable in our expansion to the European market. Their expertise in navigating complex regulations and coordinating logistics provided us with a seamless transition and enabled us to focus on delivering exceptional products to our customers."

Leo Trottier/ FluentPet, CEO & Founder
Orca Technologies
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